Welcome to the world of FeedBee!!!

Are you a practicing beekeeper?

….then, you’re lucky to come across this piece.

You can now make tons of Naira in the enterprise without any serious hassle than normal work. Did I hear you say how? Fine!

I believe you will agree with me that some of the problems we are facing as beekeepers are unending waiting for the swarm that may never come in 2-3 years and absconding of established colony. But with the product I’m about introducing to you, all these will be a thing of past.

You can now place your baited hive for swarm and it gets colonized within days with little efforts and your colony will stay in your hive without absconding.

The product is FeedBee®, a product developed at the University of Guelph, Canada in 2004. It was designed after 12 years of research in the field of Micro-Livestock and Honeybee nutrition. Also; FeedBee® was developed by advanced knowledge of 

  • Honeybee nutritional requirements
  • Nutrient composition of various natural pollen
  • Nutritional and biological values of feed materials

FeedBee® is made from 100% natural and non-agricultural plant parts e.g. roots, seeds, grains, leaves, etc. It does not contain bee pollen, hive products, chemical, synthetic materials, animal products, artificial colors, flavors, extracts or preservatives.

FeedBee® provides highly digestible natural protein with essential amino-acids to the honeybees. It provides high quality vitamins and minerals and enhances colony’s health and immunity to resist against common mites like hive beetles.

Powder form of FeedBee

FeedBee® doubles brood rearing, colony’s population and honey crop. It is a known fact that brood rearing in honeybee colonies is a major factor in apiary production and affected by colony feeding in nature on nectar and pollen

Essentially, FeedBee®: 

  • Increases profitability of beekeeping
  • Saves honeybees from starvation especially during dearth season
  • Provides required nutrients.

FeedBee® is currently in use in about 64 countries of the world with various climatic conditions and breed of honeybees, African countries inclusive. FeedBee® is easily accepted by honeybees in all forms: Powder, Patty (Paste) or liquid.

One very important advantage of FeedBee® is that it does not leave residue in the honey or bees digestive system. It doesn’t affect the taste, color, aroma of honey; it is just emulation of high quality natural pollen with nutritional structure like natural pollen.

FeedBee® can be fed to bees during the following periods:

  • Shortage of natural pollen
  • Absence of natural pollen
  • During adverse climatic conditions.

……what a wonderful product?

FeedBee® is scientifically attested to through articles in the prestigious editions Journal of Apicultural Science (1/2010 vol. 54) and Journal of  Plant Protection and Pathology (vol.7, N0.6, June, 2016. 

So, how much does it go for?

1kg is sold at N5,000 (Five thousand Naira) and this can be used for 8 – 10 hives for 8 times.

To order, please pay to our account with this detail:

  • Account Name: Centre for Bee Research & Development (CEBRAD)
  • Account Number: 0029557942
  • Bank: GTB

After payment, you can call 09056346242 or send WhatsApp message to 08066744545 or email to cebradportal@gmail.com or cebrad@cebrad.com.

Important Notice: Please be informed that you will be responsible for delivery.

Don’t miss out as we have limited quantity in stock.

To your beekeeping success!!!

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